Summary of Steps to be Taken to Import Pets From the USA and Canada Into St. Kitts and Nevis


  1. Have your animal identified with an AVID microchip implant. Animals already having a microchip of another brand are still required to have another an AVID microchip implanted.
  2. Apply in writing to Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) for import permit. Use SKN Form #1 Include AVID microchip #. Dispatch by airmail to CVO.
  3. Have your Veterinarian submit 2 blood/serum samples taken at least 4 weeks apart to RABIES/RFFIT/FAVN Lab at Kansas State University. Include AVID microchip # on request forms available from lab.
  4. Verify that your animal has had a minimum of 2 rabies vaccinations at least 6 months apart and that the last one was administered not less than 30 days and not more than 12 months prior to arrival date.
  5. Have INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE OF HEALTH EXAMINATION FOR SMALL ANIMALS completed by your veterinarian and endorsed by Veterinary Authority of the exporting country within 30 days prior to arrival date and mail to Chief Veterinary Officer.
  6. Import permit will be mailed or faxed to you after we have received completed Form 7001 and positive results from lab.
  7. A Health Certificate issued by an accredited veterinarian within 72 hours of arrival must accompany the animal.


Fees are expected to be paid for:

  1. Quarantine site inspection- depending on location- minimum $25 E.C.
  2. Airport inspection on arrival: $75 E.C. or $30 U.S.
  3. Two rabies vaccinations at $35 E.C. each.
  4. Monitoring animal during 30-day confinement - at least 2 visits - depends on location.
  5. Fax charges - $25 E.C. per fax


Application for a Permit to Import Animals Into the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis


To: The Chief Veterinary Officer

P.O. Box 39, Veterinary Services

Department of Agriculture

Basseterre, St. Kitts, West Indies

Phone: (869) 465-2110; Fax: (869) 465-3852, e-mail:

Date: dd/mm/year

Please Print Legibly or Type

I/We [Name of owner] ..

Street Address: ..

City State/Prov ..
Country ..
Zip code ..

Phone ..
Fax ..

Hereby apply for a permit to import the following animals into the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.






Date of Birth


AVID microchip No.


Approximate arrival date